Main portfolio of company Bartkov s.r.o. is:

  • production, delivery and erection of structural steelwork, factory buildings, warehouses, car showrooms, agricultural, sport and tennis halls and any roofing
  • hall cladding with polyurethane sandwich panels
  • prefabricated halls
  • external and internal mounting, technical mounting, maintenance and repair work
  • locksmith and welding jobs

Production of steel constructions

We put great accent on the quality of our products mainly on precision in the manufacture of steel structures (SS), which enables quick, efficient assembly and installation of manufactured parts on site. Comprehensive system and on time handing over of the construction are our great advantage and benefit. Based on the project documentation, will our team prepare manufacturing blueprints and structural assessment reports. SS produced together with the connecting and anchoring materials will be in time  delivered to the construction according to the agreed timetable. Transportation of materials to construction is provided via HGV.

The erection of structural steelwork

Our constructions are combine of  fundamental support components (truss, pillars, steel reinforcements), from which on site after assembly a compact structural unit is formed. Individual units are then lifted with the help of crane technology and fixed with steel anchors to the ground.

Cladding - polyurethane panels and mineral panels

Cladding of halls and buildings is made with mineral panels and polyurethane panels (PUR panel). It is used for production halls, warehouses and shopping centers and serves as insulation for new and old buildings. The panels are divided in to wall and roof panels, with possible fire protection.

Cladding is applied on the steel frame or concrete frame, possibly on the support growth. This method of assembly halls insulation is very fast and affordable. Our company supplies all flashings for mineral panels and polyurethane panels. Flashings are made of FeZn lacquered metal sheets in the same RAL color as the insulation panels. We do the metal sheet bending on a hydraulic press brake with 6m length (bending machine). Gutters and downpipes are part of our cladding and insulation deliveries. Aerial platforms and cranes are used for installation of roof and wall panels.